Some Ways to Create a Walk-In Closet

Dated: 03/12/2018

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Not every home you come across will come complete with a walk-in closet of your dreams. That doesn’t have to be a deal breaker though. It also doesn’t mean you have to accept that you won’t have a walk-in closet. There are some great ways to be able to with some work and little creativity where you can have a space for your clothes that can be a walk-in space. Take a look at some ideas that you can use to give your clothes a home too.

Shoe Storage

When it comes to the part of your wardrobe that seems to take up the most space, it is probably your shoes. If that is what you love the most, why not dedicate the area to the things that protect your feet. Whether you want to build some shelves to store them, create a wall that can hang them, or get some over the door hangers, make some space for your shoes.

Make use of other rooms

There may be other underutilized rooms or space in your home. If you want to make more room for your clothes, maybe using a different place can be a solution. Perhaps an attic or loft area would be better served as a closet instead of space. You might have an unused office room. If you have a whole place, maybe even covert it to be your walk-in closet.

Don’t Be Afraid to make changes inside a Closet

If a closet is no set up to maximize how you use space in your house, don’t be afraid to make some changes. Take down the racks if you don’t like them and put up some shelves. If there is some room on the back wall, put up some budget-friendly hooks or even some old crown molding with nails to hang shoes.

Change the color

No rule says a closet has to be a dull white or eggshell color. You could try a different color that makes the cabinet stand out. Experimenting with color can give your wardrobe a great personality, and a warm glow can give you a better feeling about the area you are using for your closet.

Open the Space

Maybe your closet isn’t the size you want, but it doesn’t have to be restricted by a door. There is no reason you should have to reach in every day to look at what you want to wear. By taking off the door, you can not only open up space but also add some things into the closet, like a dresser, that you wouldn’t usually be able to fit into space.

Your clothes and shoes are an essential part of your style and look and need a home. While you don’t always have the space for a closet, that doesn’t mean you can’t create it with a little work and some creativity.


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